Why Indian Students are Choosing to Study in Australia?

Why Indian Students are Choosing to Study in Australia?

Jun 11, 2022

by Admin

Currently Canada, the US, UK, and Australia are seen as the main international education hubs for Indian students wanting to further their studies overseas. We look at some of the reasons why Australia is growing in popularity as the preferred destination for Indian students? 

Most of us, when we think of Australia immediately picture the vast outback, kangaroos, and cricket. We have all seen images of the clean beaches with clear waters. But there is more to Australia and the education system that attracts Indian students. 


In the English speaking world, Australia is the third most popular destination for students only behind the US and the UK. Graduates from Australian universities are highly sought after due to the unquestionably high quality of education. The Australian education system is carefully regulated by the government and that helps to maintain the highest standards and ensures Australia’s impressive international reputation. Finding the right university and courses for international students is easy as institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees. Australia is also a world leader of new technology and innovations.


The standard of living in Australia is amongst the highest in the world. Despite this the tuition fees and cost of living is considerably lower than the UK and the US. Many Australian universities also offer scholarships which helps in reducing the cost of living. 


International students are allowed to work while studying. The limit is 20 hours per week and the minimum wages for workers are fairly high and well governed so the chances of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers is very low. Many Indian students work in their spare time to offset the cost of living expenses. It is also a way of gaining valuable work experience and mingling with locals and understanding the Australian way of life. 

Australia also has a very streamlined immigration process and post-study work visa.


If you are considering further education in Australia, make sure you do your own extensive research. Australia is a vast country, and each major city has its own benefits and hurdles. The ease of living, availability of basic amenities and climatic conditions can vary greatly and are all factors to keep in mind when researching your ideal city and university of choice. But help is at hand and assistance and accurate information is easy to find.

Many Australian universities have offices and representatives in India that are ready to assist with important decisions such as choice of courses and universities, destinations, day to day needs for Indian students as well as assistance with the education visa process

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