How to get Canadian PR after studies

How to get Canadian PR after studies

Apr 23, 2023

by Admin

Canada offers various immigration pathways to international students.

International students who wish to improve their chances of receiving permanent residence (PR) in Canada should take proactive steps to prepare themselves. By learning about the eligibility requirements for PR, they can take the necessary actions to meet those requirements and increase their chances of success in the Canadian immigration process.

Canada offers more than 100 immigration pathways for economic class candidates, and many of these pathways offer advantages to those who have studied in Canada. Research conducted by the Canadian government shows that individuals with Canadian education tend to have successful outcomes in the Canadian job market. Employers in Canada value the education and work experience that international students gain while studying in the country, as well as their other positive qualities, such as their motivation, multilingualism, and global experience. After completing their studies, international students should aim to gain work experience in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level that corresponds with the skilled worker immigration pathways they are interested in pursuing.

To pursue Canadian PR after completing their studies, most international students apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which provides an open work permit allowing them to work for any employer in any occupation of their choice. The length of the PGWP corresponds to the length of their studies in Canada, up to a maximum of three years. Having Canadian work experience through a PGWP can make international students more competitive candidates for Canadian immigration, as many pathways offer benefits to those with Canadian work experience.

It is important for international students to research Canadian immigration pathways and identify which options may be suitable for them. Conducting this research early on can help them take the necessary steps to meet eligibility requirements and enhance their competitiveness. PR pathways have unique criteria, but generally, applicants are assessed based on their English and/or French proficiency, education, work experience, job offers, and ties to the province or territory in which they reside. By taking proactive steps and preparing themselves as much as possible, international students can improve their chances of achieving their Canadian immigration goals.


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