Commonwealth of Domenica – Banned Nationalities

Commonwealth of Domenica – Banned Nationalities

Jun 10, 2022

by Admin

According to a statement issued on the Domenica CIU website, it has with immediate effect banned all nationals from Syria and Iraq from applying for the Citizenship by Investment program. 

Applications from citizens of North Korea and Sudan will also be refused unless the applicant has 

(1) not lived in these countries for at least ten years, 

(2) no substantial assets there, and (3) not performed any business or similar activity, in whole or in part, in or with the countries.

As of March 2022, the Unit will refuse the submission of any new applications submitted on behalf of Russian and Belarusian nationals with immediate effect. The Dominica CBIU will continue to process the already submitted applications.

Read the full article on the website by clicking on the following link

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