Investment properties in the UK with guaranteed long term, high yield lease

Investment properties in the UK with guaranteed long term, high yield lease

Nov 14, 2023

by Admin

Investing in supported living properties in the UK might be your golden opportunity to enjoy attractive returns and guaranteed long term leases. 

What Is Supported Living?

In the UK, the concept of supported living property involves creating specialised housing arrangements for vulnerable people. The types of tenants that supported living caters to are as follows:

  • Elderly Tenants: The ageing population that requires specialised care and support.
  • Disabled Tenants: For individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities, these homes are designed to be accessible so will provide wheelchair ramps etc. to cater to their specific mobility needs.
  • Tenants with Mental Health Challenges: Those struggling with mental health challenges can find a safe and supportive environment in supported living properties. 

Supported living properties are not the typical, average rental homes. They are built with the specific purpose to accommodate individuals with special needs. Residents of these properties can access amenities and features that help them maintain their independence.

Care providers in supported living properties create personalised care plans, taking an individual’s needs and preferences into account. This high level of personalisation ensures that residents receive the right support for their welfare.

Supported living is NOT Social housing. Supported living properties primarily cater to vulnerable individuals, while social housing is focused on providing housing for low-income households and the homeless. 

Some of the benefits of investing in supported housing properties are as follows:

Higher Rental Income

Supported living properties offer higher rental income than standard rental properties. This is because they provide specialised care services alongside accommodation. 

Demand for Quality Properties

There is an immense shortage of supported living properties in the UK and demand is growing exponentially. Due to an ageing population and an increased focus on mental health challenges, the need for such housing is rising rapidly. Investing in supported living allows you to tap into this stable and growing market.

Complimentary Maintenance and Property Management

Supported living providers offer complete maintenance and property management services. This eases the burden for the investor but more importantly, it ensures that the properties are well looked after and maintained, thus preserving their value. 

What is the typical return on investment for supported living properties?

Supported living properties offer attractive returns due to higher rental income with 8%+ NET yields. The exact ROI depends on factors like the location of the property, the quality-of-care services, and the demand in the area.

How can I find supported living properties to invest in?

Yield Investing have options for Supported Living Properties starting at approx 1CR. All the properties are completed and delivered turn-key, offering market leading rental yields with government funded returns of 8-9%NET per annum.

According to Luke Challis of Yield Investing

At Yield Investing, we are here to guide you through the process, offering hands-free, high-yield property investments in the supported living and social housing sector. Whether you’re already a property investor or are looking to branch into property investment, we have a proven track record of expertise and resources to help you make the most of this exciting opportunity.

At Yield Investing, all our developments are provided with free property and lettings management, meaning all aspects of managing the property, including tenant placement, rent collection, and property maintenance, are taken care of, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our investors’.

YIELD INVESTING are conveniently located in Dubai and have a solid track record of helping international clients invest in the UK in this sector which provides guaranteed long term leases at above market returns of 7-8% and allows you to invest and make an impact on the lives of the less fortunate. If you are keen to know more about these properties, do get in touch with us.

If this article is of interest to you and you would like to investigate further options, please do write to us at Please visit our website to access similar articles.

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