Benefits Of The Portugal Golden Visa

Benefits Of The Portugal Golden Visa

Oct 28, 2022

by Admin

If you are seriously thinking of obtaining a residence permit for the European Union, the Portugal golden visa should be on top of your list. 

A Portugal passport is the 4th strongest passport in the world and allows you to travel freely across Europe and gives you the convenience of entering countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States of America without a visa. 

With a strong healthcare system and one of the world’s best education systems, Portugal offers multiple benefits for Indians who wish to settle in a developed country with a vast range of business opportunities.

The main benefits of investing in the Portugal Golden Visa program are

  • Spouse, parents of applicant of and spouse and dependent children are eligible 
  • Only 7 days per year needed to be spent in Portugal
  • Continue running your business in India
  • Easy path to Citizenship
  • Powerful passport at your fingertips
  • One of the lowest investment requirements; from INR 2.4CR
  • Wide range of options to choose from including capital secured and ROI generating options
  • Tax benefits and special tax status for new residents

The Portugal Citizenship through investment program is highly sought after by Indians and is truly your gateway to Europe!

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